The Mountain Festival


Since 9 years, the International Mountain Summit (IMS) in Bressanone/South Tyrol gathers mountain lovers from all over the world. “Meet.Mountain.People.Soul” will be the central theme for this unique festival. In the 2017 edition, not only famous speakers will have a central role, but also the kids of the Euregio.Youth.Camp, as well as the mountain doctors coming from abroad, and the mountain legend Peter Habeler, who is going to celebrate his 75th birthday right during the IMS. For this year's program, the IMS team focuses primarily on the importance and on the meaning of encounter.

Encounter with the MOUNTAIN, from above, from underneath, from the inside, and from the outside
The visitors have the possibility to meet each other during excursions, thematic walks, and mine trips. In this way, they will be able to feel the energy and the fascination of the rocks and of the faces of the “Dolomites, the most beautiful mountains worldwide” like Reinhold Messner said.

Encounters with the “mountain people” are an input for reflection and for an open mind. These persons know, how powerful the mountain could be. Their experiences in the alpine environment tell about continuous changes and about adaptation capability. Their relationships with animals and nature make them extraordinary spokespersons capable of impressing the audience. The IMS let people meet up with other, in order to create an experience exchange and a shared development. The top mountaineer meets the farmer, the businessman talks with the climber, the students talk with the journalists, and everybody finds herself/himself face to face with the MOUNTAIN.

Encounter with the mountain soul, with the own personal intimate mountain; this shows how much the own will has to be strong, in order to reach certain goals, to surpass obstacles, and to self-motivate. This encounter with itself becomes a revealing experience, an adventure for the soul (and for the mind), but also for body and heart.

All these encounters take place during the conferences, talks, round tables, excursions, and workshops, and they all are part of the IMS “experience program”.
A walk to a mountain lodge turns into a conference in the nature, a dialogue on the peak becomes a life experience, a Törggelen at night reveals itself as an opportunity for networking, while exhibitions and cinematographic shows will be unique cultural moments.

"Meet your experiences" – this is the key message of the International Mountain Summit, from the 9th to the 15th October 2017 at Forum in Bressanone / South Tyrol.


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