"I'm a dreamer in love with the mountains.“

Tamara Lunger


Many things are unpredictable in life, but that Tamara Lunger, daughter of a well-known ski mountain climber, was born with a passion for the mountains was foreseeable.

As the second Italian woman in the history of alpinism, she stood at the summit of K2 in 2014, with the Earth at her feet.

Already in 2009, after her first alpine attempts in Nepal, Tamara was sure: "This is the life I want. And nothing else". The adventures she experiences all over the world are boundless: from climbing Nanga Parbat in winter, to Kangchenjunga in Nepal and the paragliding flights in northern India, to the extreme cold of Siberia. These are stories from the life of a young woman, of adventures and the unpredictable: weather, interpersonal relationships & emotional states.

Tamara Lunger presents her new lecture "unpredictable" on Saturday, October 13, 2018 and will stand next to the mountaineering legend Beat Kammerlander on the IMS stage.

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