„A rope team works together and gives each other strength.“

Stefan Glowacz


Stefan Glowacz had basically no choice but to become one of the most successful mountaineers. When he talks about his early childhood excitement today, the path seems to have been almost predetermined: "Even as a child I've been up every boulder when I was hiking with my parents”.

The fascination of boulder has not left him, and as the rocks became steeper, and the terrain around them increasingly inhospitable, the motivation ultimately remained the same: up into the challenge. It is this mixture of childlike spirit of adventure, humility and indescribable pride that still drives Glowacz, born in 1965, to remote places on earth.

He subordinated his education and professional obligations to climbing as mercilessly and thoughtlessly as only visionaries do. It was and remains his passion. He discovered early that working below the vertical is only the start for professionals. Glowacz won the prestigious Rock Masters in Arco, received the media accolade as an athlete with an invitation to the ZDF's current sports studio.

But the 53-year-old is not only an adventurer and climber. His lectures deal with his expeditions, but also with business-specific questions. Stefan Glowacz is a sought-after speaker for executives from international business. As an entrepreneur he runs the climbing shoe brand Red Chili. He is also the father of triplets.

Stefan Glowacz will be speaking on the IMS stage on Friday, October 12, 2018 for the third time in the 10 year history of the mountain festival.

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