“Art needs no hands to express itself.”

Simona Atzori


44 years ago she was born in Milan as a girl without arms. Today she has grown into a strong-willed woman who does not consider any challenges too great and thus quickly accepts no limits.

Simona Atzori has been a lively woman full of promising dreams and great plans since her earliest childhood. Already at a young age she realised herself in dance and painting. The two missing limbs should never become her handicap. She masters every single day with her two legs, her feet and great determination. Recently she has become a national advertising icon with her winning style. She is the face of a famous Italian shoe fashion company.

Simona is a radiant woman who brings a valuable message to everyone. She inspires with her art as well as with her books and is known for her remarkable positivity. On Tuesday 9th October she will also present her book "La strada nuova” (“The New Way") on the IMS stage.

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