“Sometimes I would like my own clothes, my own kitchen and routine. But I love what I am doing.”

Roberta Mancino


Born in Italy, Roberta Mancino modelling career began when she was 16. Soon she was considered a supermodel, with her pictures appearing in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Max, Vogue, Maxim or Men’s Health.

But in Mancino’s case, the word “super” acquires a whole new meaning: in 2001, she discovered her passion for parachuting. Mancino has parachuted more than 7000 times, breaking several world records. She jumped four times naked for photo shoots and needed to use the reserve parachute five times. In 2009, Mancino also started BASE jumping und wingsuit flying, often in evening dress and high heels. She isn’t just comfortable high above the ground, but also deep under the water and sometimes dives in the company of sharks.

In 2010, Men’s Fitness declared Roberta Mancino the „sexiest female athlete worldwide“. As stuntwoman, she has worked in several Hollywood movies such as Iron Man 3 and Charlie’s Angels.

Roberta Mancino has a dream: she wants to BASE jump from Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Currently, the model commutes between Dubai, where she teaches parachuting to the sheiks, and her home in Los Angeles. Her modelling and parachuting jobs take Mancino around the world.

On Wednesday, 11th October, Roberta Mancino will talk about her life in two separate worlds: the world of fashion and beauty and the world in the air and under water, surrounded by sharks and crocodiles.

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