"The future isn't coming; it's being made by us"

Richard D. Precht


Ten years ago, literary critic Elke Heidenreich enthusiastically presented the hitherto inconspicuous book "Who am I - and if so, how many?” In doing so, she struck an even more inconspicuous man on the stages of Germany and in people's minds at that time.

Richard David Precht has grown from a philosophy graduate to one of the most distinguished intellectuals in the German-speaking world. Ethics, as well as the relationship between economy and morality, are more topical than ever within his topics.

In times when the fourth industrial revolution is in full swing, Precht presents his new book "Hunters, Shepherds, Critics. A Utopia for the Digital Society". The successful author is thus dedicating himself to one of the most pressing challenges of our time: digitisation. But how do we react to this change? "Some celebrate the digital future with frightening naivety and expect changes like the weather. Politicians, on the other hand, do not seem to take the great upheaval seriously. They are redecorating the deck chairs on the Titanic," says the author.
Richard David Precht outlines the image of a desirable future in the digital age and asks whether the end of work as we knew it represents a loss at all. The question is not how will we live? but: How do we want to live?

Together with the German film & photojournalist Ulla Lohmann Richard David Precht will enrich the IMS stage on the opening evening on Monday, 8th October 2018.

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