„The hardest crisis of my life has made me stronger“

Michael Teuber

Paralympic Champion

August 1987, Michael Teuber’s car accident. At that time, he was a student, passionate about windsurfing and snowboarding. The diagnosis after the accident: fracture of the 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertrebae with incomplete, but irreversible, paraplegia. The forecast of the doctors was shocking: wheelchair!

“I had a minimal function in the right thigh, so that I didn’t want to give up and I started immediately to work hard in the rehab.”, says Teuber. After two years, he could do without the wheelchair and could move just with crutches. After that, he used walk sticks and splints, in order to stabilize the ankle. Already in 1989, this athlete began cycling. After a while, he turned to a racing cyclist. Together with his engagement in sport, he concluded his studies in Economics. What comes next is unique in the history of Paralympic sport. 5 Paralympic Gold, 1 Silver, 20 World Champion titles in cycling, 16 Europe Champion titles, 2 Pan-America titles, ascent to the Kilimanjaro and the Chimborazo. Moreover, the today 49-years-old man has 3 world records on track. A „border crosser“, who pushes to the limit – this is an unusual description for an almost total paraplegic man; for Michael Teuber this is part of life now. He lives with his handicap since 30 years and for a long time, he didn’t know, if he - someday – would have needed a wheelchair;

Today he is a model. He won 5 times gold at the Paralympics, but he hadn’t climbed a 6310 meters high mountain like the Chimborazo, yet. “If already "healthy people " refuse to climb a certain passage, what should I say then? I can’t even find the right support with my feet. But I am able to anticipate many things on the mountain, in order to prepare me for possible problems.”  In the end, Michael Teuber did the climb up to the 6310 meters high Chimborazo in Ecuador, it was Spring 2017.

Michael Teuber is also LAUREUS ambassador and he deals with social issues. His conference for the LAUREUS Project „Schneetiger“ during the IMS Charity Night will be a motivational example and at the same time a reflection about the responsibility and help for the weakest.

The IMS Charity Night takes place on Tuesday, 10th October, from 8pm.

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