„Michael Martin is the king of the speakers using slides” (Spiegel)

Michael Martin

The famous photographer and author Michael Martin was travelling around the world for 5 years, in order to explore the landscapes and the spaces of deserts and polar regions. During 40 of all his trips, he crossed ice and sand – by motorcycle, with dog sleds, on camels, with helicopters, or on skies. The amazing multivision show begins in the Arctic at the North Cape and continues through Spitsbergen, Siberia, Alaska, Canada, and Greenland to the North Pole. The second trip begins in the Arabic Rub’ al Khali and explores the Asiatic and North American deserts leading to the Sahara. In the southern hemisphere, there is the exploration of the Namib and Kalahari, as well as of the Australian and South American deserts. The fourth journey around the globe takes Michael Martin around the Antarctic and ends in the South Pole. In „Planet Desert“, Michael Martin shows with unique pictures the phenomenon of the deserts. He explains and compares the ice deserts of Arctic and Antarctica. Michael Martin has been reporting on his travels to the deserts of the world for over 30 years and has become the world's most famous desert photographer. He published 30 illustrated books and books translated into seven languages, held over 2000 lectures and produced several television films. In 2009 Michael Martin began to travel and photograph for his new project "Planet Desert". During his conferences, he not only shows fascinating pictures of landscapes, but he also explains how animals, plants, and people can live in such extreme conditions. He presented his conference “World Deserts“even for the Royal Geographical Society in London, the Olympus of the speakers. The most famous adventurer of Germany Michael Martin will speak at the IMS Friday, 13th October, together with Samuel Koch.
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