Markus "Doggi" Dorfmann

Songwriter & yoga teacher

Markus Doggi Dorfmann is a true passionate musician and is also known as "Der Doggi sing! His songs are funny, thoughtful, enigmatic and also deal again and again with the excesses of the time. Markus "Doggi" Dorfmann has been playing the guitar since he was 13 years old and since the age of 27 he has been playing electric bass. He studied jazz bass at the Vienna Conservatory (1996-99) and has been a songwriter for 10 years, mainly in South Tyrol but also in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

In 2003 he founded the group "Dor Doggi Sing'" and released his first CD "Anjedn a bissl". After "Kraut&Ruabm" (2006), the melody of "Dor Franz vom Grödnertol" was most famous in the memory of the South Tyroleans. After many years of interest in Shiatsu, Doggi is now a professional yoga teacher. With his new song, the "Olm loggor bleibm" he delights the audience at the Kiku Sports Academy.

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