”The challenge of being a mountain guide, and perhaps of every job, consists in being simultaneously servant and master, and both to the right degree.”

Hanspeter Eisendle

Mountain Guide.Mountaineer

Hanspeter Eisendle is considered to be one of the best Dolomite climbers with numerous first ascents and sports climbing routes up to the 10th difficulty level. However, he was also attracted by extreme climbing events all over the world, whereby the experience of his own exposition - the being-on-being, as he calls it - was always far off the mountaineering performance. With Reinhold Messner he took part in several Himalayan expeditions.

Since the beginning Hanspeter Eisendle and his team take care of the hiking program of the Itnernational Mountain Summit. The mountaineers around the exceptional climber Eisendle, who has also been awarded the Paul Preuss Prize at the IMS, guarantee an impressive hiking experience.

Meet Hans-Peter during the festival week at the IMS Incentive-Program or in the evening in the Brixen Forum. The exchange with the experienced and reflected mountain guide will also leave a mark on you.

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