„My recipe for success? Developing discipline, remaining human and reading a lot“

Hans-Peter Stauber

Journalist.Film producer

Hans-Peter Stauber is an award-winning and longtime TV-journalist. Since 2011, he has been responsible for the programme "Bergwelten" at ServusTV, as well as for Retroalpin and Wildes Land. Previously, he worked at the Austrian public broadcasting company ORF for 26 years, where he was, amongst other things, a prize-winning member of the editorial team of "Land der Berge". "Bergwelten", the only German-language documentary TV series, presents the peaks of the Alps, tells of exciting expeditions and portrays people with a special relationship to mountains. Professional mountaineers, legendary alpinists, as well as philosophers and artists talk about their fascination with mountains. Hans-Peter Stauber is somebody who knows the alpine scene inside out and has filmed multiple documentaries about the stars of the mountaineering world. 

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