Dominik Windisch

Biathlete.Olympic medalist

After many years in his childhood as the last runner-up in competition, Dominik's fighting spirit really took over after a surprising victory in relay-run and he began to devote himself completely to biathlon with great discipline.

With the bronze medal in the relay-run at the Junior World Championships Dominik finally secured a place in the national team and at the same time the success of a professional athlete. The three bronze medals of the last two Olympic Games in PyeongChang and Sochi as well as the first place of the Mixed Relay in Kontiolahti and the second place of the Relay in Oberhof in the last season are proof of this.

Since 2011, Dominik has experienced moments of success as well as setbacks, and in the context of the KIKU Sports Academy on the IMS stage, in an impulse conversation, he asks what success ultimately means for him.

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