"Climbing is about truth and lie - gravity cannot be cheated"

Beat Kammerlander

Sports climber.Mountaineer

Beat began climbing over three decades ago and quickly became one of the strongest all-round climbers of his time. At first he was sceptical about climbing - for him, mountaineering is associated with check shirts and knee breeches. But the first time he experiences and overcomes the fear he feels when looking into the depths, it is already so strong that he wants more of it.

Ice, alpine or sport climbing, he masters everything at the highest level. The climbing history can tell you a thing or two about it. His spectacular first ascents such as "New Age", "Unendliche Geschichte", or "Silbergeier", are among the first alpine sport climbing routes in the 10th degree of difficulty and are milestones in alpine history.

Beat Kammerlander is an all-rounder and he loves change and variety. "I can never make a special discipline too long when I'm climbing, I get bored. I need the change. I'm really glad when winter comes and I get to go to the ice again".

In his lecture "Visionaries of the Vertical" on Saturday, the 13th of October 2018 he will give the IMS audience an insight into the history of climbing in the Rätikon, from the beginnings of extreme alpinism to the masterpieces of the present day.

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