"You don't get used to fear"

Antonia Rados

Reporter in areas of conflicts

"Even if fear is human, you have to deal with the fears - and more importantly with the fears of others - especially in war zones in order to survive at all. When, in extreme situations, the other is most important, the foundation stone is laid for joint overcoming of risks. It's hard to cope with dangers on your own - even lonely heroes always have a backup", so the words of the experienced war reporter Antonia Rados.

Every danger is different. What was valid yesterday is already unimportant today. So how to deal with the complex realities of war and your own fears? The crisis and war reporter, as well as RTL chief reporter for foreign affairs, Antonia Rados gives an insight into the everyday life of war and the soul life of a reporter who is confronted with fears every day.

The "Media Woman of the Year 2010" will talk about fears, risks and dangers to IMS visitors on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

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