„I want to live in a certain way, which requires taking a higher degree of risk, and that’s acceptable to me.“

Alex Honnold

Adventure rock climber.Mountaineer

“I have the same hope of survival as everybody else. I just have more of an acceptance that I will die at some point”, -extreme climber Alex Honnold said in an interview with National Geographic.

Honnold is considered the best free solo climber in the world and holds several speed records, for instance for El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. But he doesn’t consider himself an adrenaline junkie. In his book „Alone on the Wall” the climber explains that he wants to test the boundaries of his beloved sport despite the dangers.

In less than six hours, he managed to climb the famous route “The Nose” on El Capitan (910 m) -- an ascent that usually takes 2-4 days. For his outstanding achievements, the 31-year-old received the Golden Piton Award in 2015.

The most famous and best free solo climber comes to IMS! Without any protection and with breathtaking speed, Alex Honnold ascends the most difficult routes.  The Californian started climbing aged 11 and, aged 18, quit his university studies at Berkeley to dedicate his life to climbing. This was the beginning of his life as professional mountaineer.

Journalists and photographers love this death-daring athlete and the spectacular pictures his climbs provide. But Alex also cares about others: he donates a third of his income to the Honnold Foundation, which promotes environmental projects in developing regions around the world. 

Alex Honnold is one of the few top mountaineers missing so far in the IMS Hall of Fame. His talk on Saturday, 14 October at the IMS Photo Night (award ceremony for the best mountain photos) is certainly the highlight of the International Mountain Summit 2017.

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