Two extraordinary women with two unique stories that couldn't be more different meet on the second evening on the IMS festival stage. An evening that will above all touch and encourage.

Simona Atzori is born without arms. Nevertheless, she fights her way forward with willpower and stands on the big stage as a successful artist, dancer and author at the age of 44. Her two missing limbs never become a handicap. She inspires the audience with her works and manages to touch the audience anew each time.

In her new book "The new way - La strada nuova" she writes about her life and the ways she had to go to reach her goal.

Antonia Rados is a TV reporter on the road in crisis and war zones. Every day she is confronted with the horrors of war. In Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. She says you can never get used to fear. But how does she do that, how does she overcome fear? She will tell us this and much more in her lecture "Fear, Danger, Risk".


09.10.2018 20:00 Forum Brixen
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