Author of bestseller

Surmounting difficulties, bringing together cultures and languages. Mountain connects people from Munich to Verona, from Basel to Trieste, and specifically from the Euregio area.

This day, which ends with the Euregio-Night, brings together students as well as other generations, that are going to celebrate the 75th birthday of the climber Peter Habeler.

On the peak reign the mountaineer himself, the team spirit, the humility in front of the greatness and ferocity of the harsh mountain, its beauty, its uniqueness. For many people, happiness is in the mountains. How felicity can be found is the main topic of the famous author Florian Langenscheidt.

Many referees have come to the IMS as speakers, but have gone as friends. Let us all raise our glasses to happiness and to 75 years of mountain experience.



12.10.2017 20:00 Forum Brixen
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