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Nives Meroi – stands for a simple and genuine alpinism

Nives Meroi was born on the 17th of September 1961 in Bonate Sotto (Bergamo) and moved to Treviso (Udine) when she was a little girl and still lives there today.
At the age of 15 she made her fist climbing experience and with 19 she met Romano (Benet)- first her climbing partner and later her life partner.

The couple in the mountains

Since 30 years we climb together and our activities go from climbing in the Alps, to climbing in climbing walls, ice climbing and skiing to mountaineering in the winter, like the first winter ascent of the “Pilastro Piussi” on the Piccolo Mangart di Coritenza from the 21st to the 26th of December 1987 and of the “Cengia degli Dei” of the Jof Fuart Group from the 28th to the 30th of January 2001. As the time passed, the love of the mountains brought us to travel to far places. In summer 1989 we wanted to start our experience beyond Europe. To realize our dream we planned an expedition to the Cordillera Blanca and decided to marry. After 15 days of holidays and 15 days of honeymoon we finally started our expedition.

The jouney with Romano goes on

On our journey we climbed 11 eight-thousanders. On the 20th of July 1988 we arrived at the Nanga Parbat – 8125 m, our first eight-thousander. The following year, on the 12th and the 22nd of May 1999 we conquered the summit of the Shisa Pangma – 8046 m and at the Cho-Oyo – 8202 m.

Traveling around the world

In 2003 we returned to Pakistan, where we managed to climb 3 eight-thousanders in 20 days: the Gasherbrum II – 8035 m (on the 19th of July), the Gasherbrum I – 8068 m (on the 26th of July) and the Broad Peak – 8047 m. (on the 8th of August).
We reached the summit of Lhotse - 8526 m (on the 16th of May 2004) and climbed on the top of Dhaulagiri - 8164 m (on the 17th of May 2006).
The K2 – 8661 m followed on the 26th of July 2006, and the Mount Everest – 8850 m on the 17th of May 2007. On the 4th of October 2008 we conquered the Manaslu – 8163 m.

Simple and genuine alpine style

Romano and I have climbed 11 of the highest mountains; we are the couple with the most eight-thousanders world-wide. Our achievements are defined by a smooth alpine style: simple and genuine, we remain true to ourselves at all the times and in harmony with the mountains.
Furthermore we are part of the Italian alp club CAI (Club Alpino Accademico Italiano) and on the 8th of March 2010 the Italian president awarded me the honour of commandant (“Onorificenza di Commendatore”).


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